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Summary of the project

The main objectives of the project “From School to Labour Market”  are drawing attention to the difficulties encountered in VET, increasing the overall quality in VET,developing  VET partnerships and encouraging job-based learning in all forms,with a particular focus on the local and regional dimension,further enhancement of core competencies in VET,including the introduction of core qualifications in curricula as well as common methodologies for the acquisition,the introduction of systematic approaches and opportunities for initial and continuing professional development of VET teachers,trainers and guides in both school-based and job-based context,strengthening access to training and competence for all.

Our target workspaces will be scrutinizing the curriculum programs,studying the practical training and apprenticeship systems,the proficiency of VET trainers, compare and contrast the standards of education medium in the partner countries and Europe.

This project will be realized with the partnership of 3 countries,Turkey being the coordinator and Italy and  Greece as  partners.Its primary concern is to develop institutional partnerships supporting the set up and implementation of an internationalisation strategy of VET learners and apprentices and further strengthening key competences in VET, the target groups being vocational high school students, VET teachers/mentors and decision makers in VET.

In the course of our 16-month  project there will be reciprocal visits among the three countries,two of which are TPMs to be held in Turkey in December 2018 for opening and planning and in Greece in November 2019 for evaluating and closing.

The Greek partner,TTA is an association  represents 4.000 teachers and its members belonging to secondary vocational schools.When hosting its partners in February 2019,TTA will provide the partners with a program evaluating curriculum programs, practical training programs,vocational training institutions' problems and solution proposals as well as holding institutional visits and meetings with colleagues.

When hosting the partners in April 2019,Turkey will prepare a program comprising  the VET and apprenticeship systems in Turkey, the VET cirriculum in Turkey,school and sector visits for labour issues so as to share good practices.

When hosting the visitor partners in June 2019,our partner INFOL-Italy,an expert in ithe field of VET, career planning and teacher training,will prepare an educational programme comprising "Effective Teaching and Training for VET Teachers" and the VET standards in the EU.Participants will also be provided with school visits,meeting sessions with a local authority and European colleagues.

There will be 10 in-house participants to attend LTT activities to be responsible for the overall planning and  execution of the dissemination activities of the project.In this respect,there will be 2 directors from the VET branch,2 directors from the Lifelong Learning branch and 2 personnel from the R&D unit of our directorate.There will be 4 mentor teachers from VET schools  from four central districts of our province.

Through city-wide and full-scale seminars, workshops and document sharing decision makers, VET school directors, teachers and  students in the province will be our stakeholders.As well as these,senior students of secondary schools who are to make a choice between VET and academic schools  for high school education and their guidace teachers will be our stakeholders.

Within the scope of our project, various activities such as seminars,workshop events,surveys,academic lectures,etc.,will be held  in order to raise awareness on the importance of VET.The dissemination activities of our project will be carried out regularly to reach as many beneficiaries as possible,by all partner institutions until after the project ends.

Visibility of the project will be assured in every activity to be held and outputs to be obtained will be shared through  Project/Institution/School websites, personal contacts,social media of all kinds blogs,media communications and press releases,external and internal presentations, events & conferences.

All the activities to be held in the scope of our project will be conducted with a holistic approach, step by step,timely and cooperative.The quality assurance will be provided with mutual commitments:health,safety and education measures and preparations of participants;educational content for the purpose and objectives of the project;document support before and after events;cultural and extracurricular activities; executing the dissemination activities and ensuring sustainability.

In the short run all the sides of the project will develop and change their corporate perspective in VET issues and in the long run, through institutional and corporal collaborations, there will be actual changes in VET policy and practice new dynamics on VET systems will be developed on the the basis of new approaches and information on European standards.

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